Boonar & Sudnji dan

This year’s edition of ‘Sudnji dan’ (The Judgement Day), independent festival of marketing communications organized by nonprofit organization ‘Kulturna ofenziva’ who’s primary goal is promotion of authorship and creativity, is organizationally enhanced with Boonar operatives. Zets, Dražen Zeljković and Ashas Adzhun participate in organization and realization of the part of the program. Dražen did a … Read more

Drazen Zeljkovic + Eyeon

The time has come to present some new work that came from a little machine that was being held in a back room! That machine loves to render image sequences made in Eyeon’s Fusion software, especially when it has to deal with some nice techniques such as keying, tracking, camera projections and compositing! While we’re … Read more

Drazen Zeljkovic for Adastra

Dražen made an effort and directed a great music video for up and coming Croatian pop group Adastra for a song ‘Svima se dogodi’, which is a first HD video for the group. ‘The idea of a music video is to make a contrast between a life and death – there is no winner but … Read more