IFCC 2015

We did it again. Bigger and better than year before. So many great reactions from so many great artists from all over the world. We’ll try to make IFCC 2016 to be even greater experience for everyone. Now follow these links: IFCC homepage IFCC 2015 photos Judgmend Day Awards 2015 winners The Game Challenge 2015 … … Read more

ZBrush with Zets

Boonika presents seventh ZBrush workshop, organised by Boonar Studio. Until now you had a chance to attend workshops by Marko Prpić, Ivan Šantić, David Bentley, Vaughan Ling and Ben Mauro, Hasan Bajramović and Darijan Kalauzović and lectures by Damir G. Martin, Livio Rajh and Timur Baysal. Marko Prpić – Zets, a Boonar Studio member, will … Read more

Zets portfolio upgrade/update

Few days ago our founder, Marko Prpić Zets, upgraded and updated his personal portfolio, mainly because previous version was not really mobile friendly. There are many new categories to explore. We suggest that you take a closer look at Zets Jewelry because there are some new models from 2014 collection. Also, lots of new works … Read more

ZBrush UGM Zagreb 2014

[slider type=’big2′ title=” id=’2′] We finally did it. Our first ZBrush User Group Meeting is over. Judgment Day Festival 2015 ended as well. It was great experience organizing this event together with other members from Boonika Association and all the guests who attended lectures and workshops. Some of the world’s most amazing ZBrush artists were … Read more

ZBrush User Group Meeting at #TDZG2014

[message border=’yes’ background_color=’#e6e6e6′ size=’large’] Too late. You’ve missed it. But you can check here how it all went. [/message]   ZBrush UGM is always a place to absorb the widest knowledge, the most useful tips and hints on ZBrush, to discover and re-discover the power of creating and re-creating the worlds you see in your … Read more

Vision of the future

[message border=’yes’ background_color=’#e6e6e6′ size=’large’] GO HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE CONTEST AND TO SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN! [/message]   The future is an endless source of inspiration. It has always been and always will be. Many idealize future. They see it as utopia where everyone will live comfortably and technology will go so far … Read more

2014/2015 workshops/seminars

Boonika-platform of visual dialogue invites tenders/proposals call for creative educational program of workshops and/or seminars in conjunction with the physical and legal persons from home and abroad for the 2014th/2015th year season. Application for workshop programs thematically must cover expertise in the field of design, art, culture and related fields, with an emphasis on visual … Read more

ZBrush Workshop with Ivan Santic

ZBRUSH WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT Boonar is introducing ZBrush Workshop, the second ZBrush workshop organized by Boonika -platform for visual dialogue. The workshop head teacher/lecturer  is Ivan Santic, 3D designer and animator (MOTH3R.com). Graduated at Hyper Island, at the Department of digital media, at the Swedish school internationally known for the principle of ‘learning by doing’. He … Read more

Boonar team worked on Gopping.it

[slider type=’big1′ title=” id=’1′] Gopping.it, ‘the world’s easiest way to send a gift’, with the help of Andrija Brljak and his company Binom, joined forces with Boonar’s own powerhorses Marko Prpic Zets who worked on design of elements and Drazen Zeljkovic who made a cool piece of animation for the website. Although still in Beta … Read more

Dario Belic personal website

Dario Belić, one of the founders of Booteeq and a member of Boonika and Boonar started his own website featuring his works and projects which involve interest in product, portrait and commercial photography – vivid fan of minimalism, black “color”, good design, music and movies. He is an accomplished photographer with a decade of experience … Read more