Boonar & Sudnji dan

Boonar at The Judgement Day festival

This year’s edition of ‘Sudnji dan’ (The Judgement Day), independent festival of marketing communications organized by nonprofit organization ‘Kulturna ofenziva’ who’s primary goal is promotion of authorship and creativity, is organizationally enhanced with Boonar operatives. Zets, Dražen Zeljković and Ashas Adzhun participate in organization and realization of the part of the program. Dražen did a beautiful job on FAQ videos post production while Zets and Ashas are working on ‘Piss of Art’ program. That project will include around dozen artists who will illustrate on ‘ToiToi’ movable toilets making their users have much better time in them. More on that project soon at Boonar and ‘Sudnji dan’ websites.