Boonar & Sudnji dan

This year’s edition of ‘Sudnji dan’ (The Judgement Day), independent festival of marketing communications organized by nonprofit organization ‘Kulturna ofenziva’ who’s primary goal is promotion of authorship and creativity, is organizationally enhanced with Boonar operatives. Zets, Dražen Zeljković and Ashas Adzhun participate in organization and realization of the part of the program. Dražen did a … Read more

Copywriter on Tour

Ashas Adzhun – copywriter guitar player turned bass player Ashas went again on not-so-small tour standing in for Tuna, the bass player fot the mighty Joe 4, great noise-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Although he is a guitar player, and a left hand one, he bravely took the right-handed bass and played upside down with … Read more