Reponya – rocking horse

Our Charlie’s Angels Vlatka Blakšić, Ivona Vuletić & Lana Hudina who hide their super secret agent alter egos as being product designers kept themselves busy on this hot summer days working on a prototype for a toy – rocking horse. After public presentation of a prototype in fall they hope there’ll be interest for serial production.


This is what girls themselves have to say on the subject:

Reponya | concept and short description

Rocking horse that comes from the time of our grandmothers and grandfathers has been transformed from a handcrafted product to a product adjusted for serial production. Today’s horse toy is made for developing motor skills and despite its long history and various solutions, there is still room for further steps in the development of this product.

In order to achieve the highest possible emotional value, Reponya’s form stems from the experience design, while its commercial and formal values follow. In developing the preliminary design, emphasis is placed on a positive perception of physical and virtual perceptions for users. Besides swinging, to this nostalgic toy we added a new dynamic element of slight vertical motion enabled by the materials and construction. Its amorphous form made out of natural materials along with proper dimensions correspond with the safety standards for children.

Horse body is made out of bent plywood, with thickness of 20 mm, the handle is made out of metal tube and its attached to the underside of the base element. The handle is covered with leather in order to increase safety when child is rocking to prevent slipping, and was selected as a natural material whose color accentuates the playfulness of the horse. Plywood has two colors visible in intersection (coats of colored wood and coats of natural wood color). Horse tail is also made of strips of leather so that horse maintains the original character.

This toy participates on Quercus2011 contest and already won second place on exhibition in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.