Boonar & Sudnji dan

This year’s edition of ‘Sudnji dan’ (The Judgement Day), independent festival of marketing communications organized by nonprofit organization ‘Kulturna ofenziva’ who’s primary goal is promotion of authorship and creativity, is organizationally enhanced with Boonar operatives. Zets, Dražen Zeljković and Ashas Adzhun participate in organization and realization of the part of the program. Dražen did a … Read more

Our boy Milivoj

Ballistic Publishing published ‘New Crusades’, work by our own Milivoj Popović in the newest edition for their book ‘Expose’ which contains ‘Finest digital art in the known universe’. This great achievement is only being topped by Simplylightwave publishing his latest tutorial for them on their website. Go on their website and see it for yourself.

Drazen Zeljkovic + Eyeon

The time has come to present some new work that came from a little machine that was being held in a back room! That machine loves to render image sequences made in Eyeon’s Fusion software, especially when it has to deal with some nice techniques such as keying, tracking, camera projections and compositing! While we’re … Read more


(Marko Prpić) Zets didn’t stay idle this late spring and early summer, no no! He developed a new clothing concept for T-shirts called Humans are Strange displaying on them his thoughts on the most indestructible things of all – human stupidity. If you think you won’t do well as a display on human stupidity and … Read more

Copywriter on Tour

Ashas Adzhun – copywriter guitar player turned bass player Ashas went again on not-so-small tour standing in for Tuna, the bass player fot the mighty Joe 4, great noise-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Although he is a guitar player, and a left hand one, he bravely took the right-handed bass and played upside down with … Read more

Drazen Zeljkovic for Adastra

Dražen made an effort and directed a great music video for up and coming Croatian pop group Adastra for a song ‘Svima se dogodi’, which is a first HD video for the group. ‘The idea of a music video is to make a contrast between a life and death – there is no winner but … Read more

Reponya – rocking horse

Our Charlie’s Angels Vlatka Blakšić, Ivona Vuletić & Lana Hudina who hide their super secret agent alter egos as being product designers kept themselves busy on this hot summer days working on a prototype for a toy – rocking horse. After public presentation of a prototype in fall they hope there’ll be interest for serial … Read more

Passion Clubs

Presented with the term passion clubs, you probably wouldn’t think of golf clubs, let alone door handles – but there you go! Seems Alan Tvico and Krešimir Jelušić went around golf clubs and picked up all the broken clubs nobody wanted and made a new career for them – to serve proudly as door handles. … Read more

Dario Belic – new photos

Dario decided to share with the world his new creations. New photos feature some famous Croatian artist, bands and personalities, alongside with some completely unknown but still very insteresting people. Give it a look and think about why that dude on one of the photos is smoking carrot and how can there be smoke, how … Read more

Veljko Popovic News-O-Rama

There are zillions of news topics for our Veljko. Being very busy is the name of the game -so let’s proceed. Our very own Veljko Popović was honored with a seat at this year’s three piece jury for Fest Anča in Žilina, Slovakia, giving away the international competition Anča Awards 2011. Besides giving away the … Read more