Copywriter on Tour

Ashas Adzhun – copywriter guitar player turned bass player

Ashas went again on not-so-small tour standing in for Tuna, the bass player fot the mighty Joe 4, great noise-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Although he is a guitar player, and a left hand one, he bravely took the right-handed bass and played upside down with no effort at all.

Three weeks and then some of traveling, drinking, no sleep and everything else that comes with a Rock Star lifestyle didn’t kill him but made him stronger and he returned home safe & sound. 7100+ kilometers were a piece of cake for this road dog and he got to see again his favorite city in the world again – Berlin!

With Joe 4 on tour was also this very very very cool American politically charged noise rock band United Sons of Toil – now go listen to both bands and cry your hearts out for not seeing them alive, or reach nirvana if you did!

Joe 4

United Sons of Toil