ZBrush Workshop with Ivan Santic


Boonar is introducing ZBrush Workshop, the second ZBrush workshop organized by Boonika -platform for visual dialogue.

The workshop head teacher/lecturer  is Ivan Santic, 3D designer and animator (MOTH3R.com). Graduated at Hyper Island, at the Department of digital media, at the Swedish school internationally known for the principle of ‘learning by doing’. He worked at the firm Native Design, a London consulting firm in the field of industrial and automotive design.

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He began his career as a graph. designer, and now works as a Motion Designer under the Trademark MOTH3R specialized in 3D modeling and animation. Within this 3D media, ZBrush occupies a special place as a ‘state of the art’ application for “Clay modeling“, digital design forms. In this sense, one of the most famous projects is the “Model XY3” android concept which is as such included in Pixologic Top Row selection.

The workshop is intended for anyone who wants to learn ZBrush (Pixologic), programming interface, design techniques, types of materials, application of textures and rendering of 3D models, knowledge background is not needed. Workshop will deal with the practical applications of ZBrush tools in digital design and development of 3D concepts, prototypes, products and packaging.

In addition there will be a lot of talk about the design process and the universal principles in which we can our knowledge and skills transfer to another program – a tool, CAD or manufacturing process. We will give answers to complex issues that make up today’s design, which defines the modern production and how it fits into ZBrush as one of the most modern and most recent applications. ZBrush is now used in all aspects of production, from the movie domain, gaming industry, and product and fashion design. For example, this may include modeling for historically significant Braun or Apple industrial design product lines, all the way to designing the packaging. Today’s designers work is interdisciplinary, so the role of this course is to maximum divide these processes and through practical work by using modern tools to transfer new knowledge.

We would like to highlight a special part of this workshop 3D Print technology and what it takes to make your virtual model become a reality.

The workshop will be held twice a week. Tablet and notebook are required to work.

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ZBrush Workshop