ZBrush User Group Meeting at #TDZG2014

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ZBrush UGM is always a place to absorb the widest knowledge, the most useful tips and hints on ZBrush, to discover and re-discover the power of creating and re-creating the worlds you see in your creative minds. It is our own industry’s seminar on getting the best out of the Zbrush software.

At the #TDZG2014 Boonar Studio will present lectures of David Bentley, Ben Mauro and many others. There will be also be workshops, so get ready. As an announcement for the UGM, we prepared a competition in cooperation with Local Motors, Pixologic and Autor, so check that out as well.

ZBrush is a unique software which is being used in many industries and its popularity is rapidly growing with the implementation of 3D printing solutions.

Join Zagreb Design Week ZBrush UGM and discover the vast potential of this inimitable software. But before you join us please read how Ben and David have answered these two simple questions we’ve asked them.



  1. How you feel about your trip to Zagreb and what do you expect?
  2. What do you expect from Futurvision: Machines of the underworld?



Ben Mauro

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I am excited about my trip to Zagreb and look forward to sharing knowledge with a new audience. It will be a very cool experience to have talented artists and designers from multiple different disciplines and industries all intermixing at the event, should be a very unique experience for everyone involved.

I expect to see some really exciting vehicle concepts from a broad range of designers in both the automotive and entertainment industries. I look forward to seeing how both communities interpret and visualize the design brief and come up with really cool original results.


David Bentley

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I am very excited to visit Zagreb. I’ve presented at many design conferences but never in this part of the world. There is so much history I hope to not only enjoy the conference and meet designers and artists but to get around, meet people, learn about the culture and become a more informed artist and person because of the experience. I plan on taking loads of photos and expect that the research I do will inspire my design language in many future projects.

I expect to learn from and be inspired by talented artists and designers. I expect and hope that I can recognize local influences on designs that I see. I love when designs are enriched by Immersion to culture.

This Futurevision design competition is a great opportunity to bring concept artists and product and transportation designers together. I see this as an opportunity for conceptual artists to push out of their comfort zones and think through transportation and styling. I expect that transportation designers will see this as an opportunity to design functionality, “real functionality” not just styling over a package. I’ve had the luxury of working in both industries and enjoying the free for all workflows that concept artists employ. A few of us are pushing design workflows in new directions at Ford. I work for a very supportive designer who gets it. Zbrush in particular has been a tool that I find can empower designers who are currently limited in there ability to convey their meaning in 3D, or who lose control of the design when it gets shipped to model makers. I see these tools really changing the landscape of design. Not that Zbrush will get rid of 2D sketching or 3D modeling or even clay, but that as another tool in the arsenal of designers, companies will have more design iterations earlier on to make important decisions, this has to lead to amazing innovations and beautiful design. One last note, the other judges on the panel are artists that push the envelope in their respective fields. I’m excited to work with them and learn from them as we share what we have learned in our respective journeys.