Creative Cluster

Boonar Studio is yet another Boonika Association project. It was founded by Marko Prpic Zets as first studio made exclusively out of freelancers and smaller studios. Boonar gathers professional artists & designers who are able to create virtual worlds beyond your imagination, for video games, feature films, advertising and publishing industries. Depending on the project members work individually or in teams – developing their own projects and services or for other contracting authorities. We encourage you to contact our artists directly, even if you are an agent or agency representative. If you need a team of artists you can hire us to organize one for you. Send your brief to [email protected] or use our contact form.


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Working together, educating others

Our goal is to create better working environment for us and for our colleagues around the world. Boonar connects top creatives, who have a lot to share with the art/design community. Apart from joint projects and projects for clients, Boonar allows creatives to use and offer services of tutorials and workshops, especially in order to create and work on interesting projects. We are always open for cooperation with new people. Do you think that your work is the same quality work as Boonar members? If so, feel free to contact us. Send us links of your previous work and tutorials you have created in the past. If you are just looking for a partner on your next project feel free to contact any of our members, but have in mind that they are all professionals who don’t have much time to waste.