Marko Prpic Zets – character design workshop

Character Design Workshop

LAUBA and Boonar work together for better CG tomorrow. Marko Prpić – Zets, a member of BOONAR Studio, will share with you the secret life of characters from fairytales, comics, films, cartoons and video games. In this workshop you wont simply learn how to invent and draw your own characters, you will also learn the principles of the magical world in which these characters live. Oh yes, there is a lot to say about this subject! For example:

  • How do some heroes fly without wings?
  • Why are rabbits so cool in the world of imaginary characters?
  • Why can incredibly badly drawn characters gather fame?
(In fact we don’t have an answer to this question)
  • Why does the design of that mythical horse with a man’s torso for a head, make no sense? (Even though we have to admit that it looks interesting)
  • How do you earn money from the characters which you have invented?
  • What is the right D? 2D or 3D?
  • Why not to work at Disney`s?