Zets Jewelry photoshoot

Photo sessions has been held to promote Avatars, Konop and Street Warrior bracelets and necklaces, exciting products from designed by our founder and member artist Marko Prpic Zets. People involved in these project were beautiful Darija Papst as a model, Dario Belic as a photographer, Simona Antonovic as a make-up artist and finaly – Vanja …

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Boonika and Boonar support Produkteka

Produkteka presents ten Croatian companies and as many designers. Scuderia Zagreb in cooperation with the Center for Design of HGK will bring together designers, manufacturers and distributors in the first Produkteka conference, product design platform for creating new products. Produkteka is a platform that connects designers, innovators, manufacturers and distributors – elementary parts in realization …

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Booteeq presents Flatty!

[slider type=’big2′ title=” id=’1′] Flatty is a decoration in the form of tiles. On Flatty plates are illustrations and designs from talented artists from around the world were made in a variety of medias. The concept of Flatty was developed for by Boonar’s founder Marko Prpic Zets. There are several categories of Flatty tiles: …

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Zets in collaboration for a mascot for PES

[slider type=’big1′ title=” id=’1′] Our member and founder Marko Prpic Zets, in collaboration with Sinisa Sudar from I Know Sudar Studio, participated in an exciting project of designing and producing a mascot for PES Creative Factory.

INTERVIEW – Scott Eaton

Our very own Marko Prpic Zets did this great interview with one of the most famous human anatomy experts – Scott Eaton. Interview was made exclusively for Read it HERE!


We love Street Art Museum. And we love when they invite us to help them change the look of Zagreb/Croatia. Here you see Marko Prpić Zets painting kindergarten walls in Dugave/Zagreb. Photos by Krešimir Jelušić and Domagoj Blažević [slider type=’big2′ title=” id=’1′]

Boonar & Sudnji dan

This year’s edition of ‘Sudnji dan’ (The Judgement Day), independent festival of marketing communications organized by nonprofit organization ‘Kulturna ofenziva’ who’s primary goal is promotion of authorship and creativity, is organizationally enhanced with Boonar operatives. Zets, Dražen Zeljković and Ashas Adzhun participate in organization and realization of the part of the program. Dražen did a …

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