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About Boonar

Boonar Studio was founded by Marko Prpic Zets as a freelance studio of Boonika association members specialising in 3D modelling, conceptual art, visual effects, entertainment media, tutorials and more. We are comprised of a group of professional artists that have worked both as freelancers and in studios in the field of videogame, feature film, advertising and publishing industries. Depending on the project members work individually or in teams – developing their own projects and services or for other contracting authorities.


Why join us?

Boonar connects top creatives (with clients), helps them to work independently or in a team and promotes their work. Apart from joint projects and projects for clients, Boonar allows creatives to use and offer services of tutorials and workshops, especially in order to create and work on interesting projects. We are always open for cooperation with new people. Do you think that your work is the same quality work as Boonar members? If so, feel free to contact us.