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ZBrush UGM Zagreb 2014

ZBrush UGM Zagreb 2014

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  • Crowd listening to Hasan's mumbo-jumbo

    Crowd listening to Hasan's mumbo-jumbo

  • When kids unite :)

    When kids unite :)

  • Vaughan Ling

    Vaughan Ling

  • Hasan Bajramovic

    Hasan Bajramovic

  • Ben Mauro

    Ben Mauro

We finally did it. Our first ZBrush User Group Meeting is over. Judgment Day Festival 2015 ended as well. It was great experience organizing this event together with other members from Boonika Association and all the guests who attended lectures and workshops. Some of the world’s most amazing ZBrush artists were there to teach our visitors how they use our, theirs and yours favorite 3D software package. Of course, Sculptris fans were able to attend Timur Baysal’s lecture as well.

So basically, on Zagreb ZBrush UGM you had the chance to witness the prestentations on using ZBrush software and also discuss it with top experts in the industry. The sequence of thematically different presentations took place on Friday, April 25th at Noon sharp and continued until Sunday, April 27th. On Friday you could attend presentations on using ZBrush by Ivan Šantić, Livijo Rajh, Darijan Kalauzović, Milivoj Popović i Damir G. Martin.

ZBSaturday started at 10 AM on when Ben Mauro, Darijan Kalauzović, Hasan Bajramović, Marko Prpić Zets and Timur Baysal have demonstrated the power of ZBrus and Sculptris (Timur), Pixologic’s free 3D program. ZBrush was also the topic of interest on Sunday on a workshop lead by David Bentley, which has began at 11:00 AM.

See you next year :)

You can find more info about the event here on Pixologic’s official website.

The list of lecturers:

Ben Mauro (US)
David Bentley (US)
Timur Baysal (DE)
Hasan Bajramović (BIH)
Damir G. Martin (CRO)
Livio Rajh (CRO)
Ivan Šantić (CRO)
Darijan Kalauzović (BIH)
Milivoj Popović (CRO)
Marko Prpić Zets (CRO)

01 May 2014